Project E Beauty Skin Care System, LED & Facial Massager, Skin Rejuvenation Machine, Handheld, Personal Skin Care Device Home Used

The machine conducts warm and heat on skin and stimulate dermal layer of skin to produce collagen and elastic fibers while in treatment. It makes skin smooth, tender and feel good. LED is the safest tech for skin care. It can clam skin, rejuvenates skin and improve small problems for skin. The machine contains 4 kinds of LED lights. Red light for wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, Blue light for acne removal, Green light for relax skin. The machine can also for skin massage and relax skin. It is good for personal use at home, no harm on skin, safe and effective. Over time treatment with it, you can get smooth, rejuvenated, tender young skin. For best result, you can use it every day. The package includes 1 system, 1 power line, 1 gift bag, and an instruction manual.

Price: $112.99

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