DermaCosmec 3-Step Acne Treatment System

Step 1: Acne cleanser, Antioxidant cleanser. This luxurious cleanser is a nutrient rich, oil-free, wash that utilizes 2% salicylic acid to effectively eradicate acne-causing bacteria while sweeping away makeup, excess surface oils and other impurities without irritating or drying the skin.

Step 2: Glycolic acid toner. DermaCosmec Acne Purifying Toner is an advanced formula designed to sooth, balance and tone damaged skin caused by acne bacteria via the karatolytic mechanism of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs). AHAs remove dead skin cells and excess oil or dirt left on the skin after cleansing, without causing redness, drying, or irritation of the skin

Step 3: Acne treatment gel. This luxurious, powerful and nutrient-rich formula is designed to continuously treat skin breakouts around the clock and combat acne bacteria before it even emerges. It quickly penetrates deep into clogged skin pores and clears the pathway while effectively increasing absorption of antioxidants and soothing botanical extracts into the epidermal layer. This process increases cell turnover and collagen synthesis for repairing and revitalizing damaged skin due to aging. With 1% salicylic acid, this acne treatment gel develops a hostile environment for acne bacteria to emerge or grow on the skin, preventing acne breakouts and keeping the skin clear, smooth, and healthy looking.

Price: $99.50

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