UP5 Galvanic/Ionic Massager

*Cleansing Mode:,
This cleansing mode will give a deep cleansing to your skin with negative (-) ions.
*Whitening (Vitamin C) Mode:
This vitamin C mode will restrain and reduce melanin for spotless, clear and transparent skin.
(Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidizing Effects)
*Eye zone Mode:
This eye zone mode is just for the eye area where it needs gentle, fitted and special care.
*Facial Mode:
This facial mode helps your skin to deeply moisturize and it will promote collagen synthesis.
(Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidizing Effects)
*Lifting Mode:
This lifting mode will help your skin firm and resilient.
-provides a deep level of skin cleansing,
-diminish age spots and sun spots,
-improves skin texture and complexion,
-supplies moist and nutrient in the cellular level,
-accelerates the skins metabolism,
-diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Price: $500.00

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