The Hormonal Acne Solution: No Antibiotics. No Birth Control Pills. No Roaccutane.

* Are you a woman suffering with acne?
* Are you embarrassed or frustrated with your skin?
* Does it seem to have a mind of its own?
* Do you want to take the guesswork out of clearing your acne, saving you time, money and heartache?

If you said yes to any of the above, this book is for you.

Dr Terry Loong, an award-winning integrative cosmetic and skin doctor, suffered from acne herself and found a way to clear her acne without antibiotics, birth control pills or roaccutane. Since then, she has been helping her patients do the same. In The Hormonal Acne Solution, she shares with you the real causes of hormonal acne and explains her unique holistic approach, combining internal hormone-balancing with her skin care secrets.

Written in plain English and with amusing illustrations, Dr Terry takes the fear out of acne and teaches you how to work with your skin to reveal the beautiful clear complexion you were born with.

Dr Terry has studied Functional Medicine and Hormone Balancing in the USA and worked with women in the UK for eleven years, and she believes acne is an outward expression of an imbalance occurring within the body. Dr Terry’s treatment strategy includes reducing inflammation internally and externally, balancing sugars, optimising nutrition, and balancing hormones through supplementation, herbs or natural hormones. In this book you will also learn how to read your skin during your cycles and discover how to choose the right skin products and treatments for you.

The Hormonal Acne Solution is a candid look at acne, influenced by Dr Terry’s love of writing and telling stories. Get ready to be inspired, educated and informed on how to clear your skin, feel confident and love the skin you’re in.

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