Tanda Skin Therapy Duo Clear Acne Light + Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Light

Package includes: Tanda Luxe Cordless Rechargeable Handpiece,Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Photofacial Treatment Head, Tanda Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Treatment Head, Recharging Stand, Power Supply, Goggles, Instructions.Tanda Skin Therapy Duo. Exclusive kit includes: Tanda Luxe Skin Rejuvenation Device- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Fights dullness for more radiant skin, Hydrates dry skin for a healthy glow, Firms and plumps, Improves skins texture. Tanda Clear+- Clears existing breakouts, Prevents future breakouts, Starts working immediately, Gentle enough for all skin types, Improves overall skin condition, No irritation, dryness or redness.

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