Sonic Spatula: Ultra Sonic Tool for Facial and Pore Cleansing and Exfoliation. Professional Facial Tool for Extractions, Acne and deep pore cleansing

Welcome to the next generation of cleansing! Our Sonic Spatula’s ultra sonic vibrations work in conjunction with the Lavender Hydra Mist to push out impurities and clear away excess oil while infusing your favorite skincare products deeper into your skin. Get professional facial results in the comfort of your own home with the Sonic Spatula. HOW IT WORKS: Ultrasonic waves penetrate the tissue of the skin causing the enlargement of the space between skin cells. The vibration speed and spatula tip direct the waves to push out impurities or push in ingredients. As the skin cells vibrate the tissue and pores become softened extracting out environmental toxins, oil and makeup. On the flip side, the spatula helps in the absorption of your water or gel-based products with the same sonic push, giving you double action in one tool. The energy of the ultrasonic waves brightens and evens skin tone while providing long lasting results and radiant skin, all for just minutes a day. Included in Kit: Sonic Spatula Tool and Charging Cradle, Lavender Hydra Mist, Hydra Skin Facial Mask, Gold Travel Clutch

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