Silk’n 7290013587404 Sensepil, Sensepil-XL and Pro Cartridge Applicator

The new high tech design of the Silk'n pro, sensepil, sensepil-XL cartridge applicator allows individuals to properly target and zone into any area that requires treatment, providing you a safe home hair removal experience. Each disposable lamp cartridge holds 1,500 flash pulses which are a lifetime of treatments for small areas including underarms, toes, bikini line, neck, etc. And great for targeting larger areas such as legs and men's chest and back. Each lamp cartridge has a unique built-in sensor, and this intelligent sensor will detect naturally darker skin tones and will not allow the applicator to flash, adding safety to the already easy-to-use home pulsed light device. For larger areas multiple cartridges may be recommended. For use with the Silk'n sensepil, sensepil-XL, and pro only. Safety information: who is not a candidate for treatment: dark or tanned skin the light will not detect the difference between skin and hair pigment, therefore it will not flash and treatment will not be effective. Blonde, grey or white hair these individuals lack pigment in their hair and are not candidates for treatment.

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