Quit Acne: The nutritional approach for clear skin

Your acne is telling you something… and it’s not telling you to invest in a heavy-duty concealer or a pricey facial serum! Your acne is a symptom telling you that something is wrong inside your body.

In Quit Acne, nutritional therapist Lauren Geertsen explains, in her thorough and accessible style, the three primary underlying causes of acne. Then, she equips you with 7 effective and practical dietary practices to address the cause of acne and eliminate it. By following the Quit Acne nutrition protocol, you’ll enjoy radiant, clear skin naturally.

Quit Acne covers key topics, including:

– Why the correct dietary fats are vital for eliminating acne, while other fats cause breakouts.
– The ingredients for clear skin that you can only get from animal sources.
– The one food that wreaks havoc on hormones and exacerbates acne.
– Why going dairy-free isn’t necessarily the best option for clear skin.
– How balanced blood sugar affects the clarity of your skin.

Quit Acne takes a research-backed and ancestral approach to nutrition and is not compatible with a vegan diet; however it can be modified for a vegetarian diet.

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