Premium Organic Traditional Japanese Tea From Haiku Twig Tea

Haiku Organic Twig Teas…the Poetry of Tea During the fall, in the Uji district, traditional center of the Japanese tea industry, the Nagata family turns to the harvest of tea twigs for Kukicha, the "peasant's drink", so-called because farmers drank it after selling the leaves as a cash crop. The Nagatas carefully select 40% thick twigs aged 10 yrs., 40% medium twigs aged 3 yrs., and 20% thin twigs and leaves aged 1 yr. Each variety is gently roasted to bring out its rich flavor, and then they are all blended together. Try our HAIKU Nagata Japanese Organic Twig Tea and you will understand why true connoisseurs of Japanese twig tea will drink nothing else.

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