PMD Personal Microderm System

PMD (Personal Microderm) unit helps Reduce the skin’s roughness, and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes resulting in a smoother, softer and a more radiant appearance. With increased absorption, skin care products can work at a cellular level to bring about more dramatic and visible benefits. Using the discs make the skin look and feel vibrant, while smoothing and resurfacing the skin.
The Aluminum oxide crystal disc removes the superficial layers of stratum Corneum, or dull, dead skin that blocks the full absorption and delivery of product. The Discs help exfoliate and decongests clogged pores for deep, thorough cleaning allowing the skin to breath and bacteria to escape.

1 Personal Microdermabrasion Tool & Electric Power Cord
Exfoliating Discs – 1 White (Extra Gentle), 4 Blue (Gentle Exfoliation), & 2 Green (Moderate Exfoliation)
2 Caps (1 Large for Body Exfoliation & 1 Small for Facial Exfoliation)
1 Reusable Filter
Written Instructions & How-To DVD

Price: $299.99

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