Photon LED Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Mask Photon Photodynamics PDT Beauty Facial Peels Machine (Blue Light) – GH23002

Output wave: Blue Light 470nm±2nm
Output power: 120w/cm2
Dimension: 43.5cm*26.5cm*3cm
Voltage: 220V/110V/15A 50Hz(60Hz)
Net Weight: 0.8kg(not include package)
Gross Weight: 1.5kg(include package)

1. After install all the connecting line, turn on the power.
2. When it is used with other beauty products, where does not apply, please immediately stop using.
3.When used in conjunction with other skincare products, it is suggested that using the “non irritating skin care products and used at the same time.
4.The mask made of medical silicone, there will be smell when you open the box, but this is a normal phenomenon, and opened, the smell will disappear.
5.Luminescence film inside the circuit, do not crush, do not concave, please flat after
using and protect properly , do not put heavy objects on the mask.
6.When used on the bed careful not to move the luminescent mask ontology or power coated in quilts (blanket).

◇ Pregnant women: did not have enough proven to have an impact on pregnant women and fetuses, but still not recommended.

◇ Epileptic: part of the wavelength and frequency of light may cause disease, do not use.

◇ Thyroid patients or using thyroid medication, do not use.

◇ Caused by allergies or medication allergy medicine (such as tetracycline), do not use.

◇ Used alone, if you have any discomfort, stop immediately.

Price: $169.98

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