Ozone Cleansing Beauty Device With E.G.F. Serum (1oz) For Acne Skin Treatment. Elimnate Bacteria And Acne, Reduces Inflammation And Itchiness, Provides Deep Pore Cleansing (Personal High Frequency)

Ozone Cleansing Beauty Device is a versatile handheld esthetic tool that uses ozone / o3 which has three oxygen atoms as well as the power to sterilize, detoxify, deodorize and whiten your skin. With its special herb smell, it will give you a refreshed feeling and has a powerful function for reducing inflammation, reducing pain, balancing the pH of the skin. Moist importantly, high frequency current has an antiseptic effect on the skin that will detoxify bacteria caused by acne breakouts.

Ozone Cleansing Beauty Device(Personal High Frequency) uses a “silent discharge method” to decompose oxygen in the air, to get 2O3 from 3O2 and obtain stable O3. The O3 is a clean and refreshing air that has the power for sterilization. When applied to the skin the O3 can sterilize, reduce inflammation, dissolve grim, balance the pH of the oil on the skin and help avoid pimples. In a vacuum situation, O3 when combined with high frequency waves, it functions as purple ray. O3 plus high frequency vibration produces a double effect to create very healthy and clean skin.

Ozone Cleansing Beauty Device (personal high frequency) is an ideal tool for individual who prefer to perform Acne Treatment and maintain healthy skin without spending hundres of dollars by going to the Spa. The larg glass-probe design is for treating both face and body.

Price: $144.90

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