Natural Apple Extract – Organic Compliant 32 oz by OliveNation

Derived from fresh organic apple peels, Olive Nation Organic Compliant Apple Extract is a substance valued for more than its tart fruit taste. The chemical compounds found in apple peel extract have a multitude of uses in both the holistic health and beauty industries. Unlike homemade apple extracts, our high quality organic extract is free of impurities and extremely potent. The rich vitamin content of the organic apple extract includes vitamins A, C, and zinc, compounds. It is packed with ogliosaccharides, a compound believed to contain cancer fighting properties. Apple extract is great to have around the kitchen. It can be used to flavor all sorts of recipes. Add it to apple cider for a more potent apple flavor. It can also be used in baked goods such as cakes and cookies to create unique desserts and pastries as well.

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