My Cure for Cystic Acne: A Testimony and Guide to How I Achieved Clear Skin

This booklet gives a detailed description of the fifteen year stuggle I had with cystic acne. It also describes, in detail, exactly what I did to cure my acne using affordable, easy to find products. I found my cure to cystic acne after years of seeing dermatologists and taking antibiotics and other pills – none of which offered any lasting positive effect.

I was told by dermatologists that I would never be free of the acne. I was told that clear skin was something you were either born with, or not. But I found a few simple home remedies that gave me clear skin! These easy, affordable steps cured my cystic acne. For good. I haven't had a breakout since doing this.

I enjoy clear skin and have been happier and healthier ever since. I wrote this booklet to share my clear skin testimony and hope that it may help others cure their acne (cystic or otherwise)!

My testimony includes how I came to realize that my acne was related to shifting hormones and what I did to regain control of my skin. I was told that hormonal acne could not be cured. Yet my book cover shows you the clear skin I have now. Before, even make-up couldn't conceal the raised and painful blemished I suffered from hormonal cystic acne. But today I'm acne free and enjoying my clear skin.

I hope this booklet can help make more people aware that this is hope for a cure to cystic acne. I am my own proof of it!

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