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Monopole RF is a kind of polarized electronic movement which influences polar electrons in tissue to produce biologic effect. At every time, it produces movements of polarized electrons, which will induce electrons, collision, revolving and twist then produce’ biology heating’. High-frequency electrons produced by Radio Frequency, won’t stimulate any inductive nerves, won’t produce muscle shrinking, only make body produce heat energy, that is ‘Diathermy’.

Curative Effect
Electric wave pull skin uses the constantly change electrode of the radio frequency of the high frequency current, when which pass to the human body organization, the radio frequency power will make the organization of electron move and produce biological reaction also make the electron highly circumgyrate and collide each other, so that produces biological highly circumgyrate and collide each other, so that produces biological heat energy and make the temperature of deep organization heat up. When the collagen and fiber in the derma layer heated to 45 degree to 60 degree, so the skin will be tightened at once and the collagen will constantly increase which really reach the effect of dispelling wrinkle forever and keep youth.
The rezones to choose RF Skin lift equipment.

Full-feature wide range of treatments
Tighten and lift skin; Dissolve fat, shape the body; Whiten skin .dispel yellow; resist the sensitivity, repair skin ;Sculpture the part; Improve circulation; Hair regeneration.

Rapid obvious effect
immediate tightening of the skin: collagen protein in the heat of 45 to 60 will be immediately shrunk, so one-time treatment can relax and instantly lift the skin, make skin tight. Back 10-year youth is no longer a myth.

Long-term regeneration
Received the beauty treatment in the 2-6 months, the skin protein collagen gradually rebuilds and regenerates itself, skin turns smooth, wrinkles less, restores younger.

Price: $1,099.99

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