Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment – Pro Size 10 oz

Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment 280 ml./ 10 fl oz. Professional Size:

Lerosett Acne Clay Mask removes dead skin cells, softens the sebum, normalizes the sebaceous oil glands, and effectively removes the bacteria-breeding ground for these skin problems. Lerosett Clay Mask is easy to use as a spot treatment for individual pimples or as a mask and is highly effective as a daily wash cream. Lerosett Clay Mask does not contain any dyes, synthetic or chemical additives. Lerosett Clay Mask is a true multi-tasking skin care product, with an unheard of range of uses. You can actually feel it working on your skin.

Use Lerosett Acne Clay Mask for:
Sebaceous Cysts
Ingrown Hair
Prevention of follicilities
Ingrown hair
Itching from new hair growth
Razor bumps

Active Key Ingredients:
A rare, highly processed “Chemical-Free” natural clay that is rich in a combination of critical key elements and minerals Clinicaly Proven to be 100% Effective against acne and many other skin impurities.
Among these natural elements are minerals like, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and copper.

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