kNutek The Acne and Rosacea Kit

Step 1 – Therapeutic Cleanser, 60 ml. Water based, NON-COMEDOGENIC and OIL FREE. It cleanses thoroughly and gently, leaving the skin clear and beautiful. Step 2 – A-RO Balsam Serum, 30 ml. This is an incredible solution only available from kNutek. Apply 6-8 drops of A-RO Balsam after cleansing. Step 3 – Therapeutic Toner, 60 ml. Water based, NON-COMEDOGENIC and ALCOHOL FREE. A refreshing toner for sensitive skin to be used after cleansing. Clarifies and tones complexion for a fresh and glowing look. Step 4 (first four weeks) – Alpha MSM Cream, 30 ml. This cream is MSM, Oxygen Plasma, Colostrum – all in topical moisturizer. It is a treatment for crows feet, stretch marks and aging skin. Reduces dark circles under eyes. Triggers formation of Collagen and Elastin. Includes Vitamins A, B5, D, E and much more. Step 4 (following four weeks) – Whipped Oxygen Cream, 30 ml. Balances the pigmentation for more even skin tone, tightens and moisturizes the skin, contains the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial healing agent. Also includes Oxygen Spritz, 60 ml which is an anti-aging sun protection. It refreshes, oxygenates and protects against UVA Radiation. For even better results use with Aroflux .

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