Ion Charged Minerals Terrabathe Ion Charged Minerals, 50 Pounds

Immerse yourself in terrabathe and recreate that high-end spa in your home and experience fresh, radiant, young looking skin that day for a fraction of the cost. Surround your skin with minerals and beautify, exfoliate, detoxify, and heal while you relax worries away. Feel the stress leave your body as the minerals deeply penetrate skin layers pulling dirt, toxins, and dead skin cell layers away to reveal a new you. Your skin will softened and exfoliated the older, dull cells away. A strong barrier can build on skin and blocks normal skin function, especially as we age. After your TerraBathe you will be amazed at how soft and clean your skin feels. People travel all over the world to exclusive spas seeking the healing properties contained in these minerals. It is rare to find a source of 57 minerals of pristine quality, micron sized, with a strong negative charge to bind with and remove toxins. Even though we have known about the power of minerals for thousands of years, many people have lost the knowledge of how to use them to heal ourselves. Experience pain relief or treat acute or chronic skin problems with regular terrabathe treatments. For itching rashes, insect bites, and skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema, shingles, or poison oak or ivy the relief will be felt within minutes. For radiation damage, sunburn, or any burn, the pain will be relieved, harmful free radicals removed, healing started, and soreness reduced. For muscle, bone, internal, or headache pain, relax in tub and apply face mask for skin and headache treatment. The minerals clean and balance skin allowing acne and blackheads to be cleared up and pores tightened. Take a hot TerraBathe so pores can open, dead cell layers soften, and these miracle minerals can go to work healing and revitalizing your skin to create a new you. Great for foot bath. Apply TerraSilk facial mask while you soak and take Terramin supplements each day.

Price: $759.00

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