DOKTORDERMA NO-TOX SHOTS REFILLS (3 vials of 1ml each) (Topical application) – All our products are especially formulated, prepared and bottled for you when your order is placed. To be applied with the original DoktorDerma Titanium Micro Needles Roller (sold separately)(beware of imitations) FREE SHIPPING Get yours in a few days with TNT Express Int. Every 2 DoktorDerma products purchased get a FREE full size vial of our most exclusive quintessential Serum MAXIMUS AETERNUM shot. GET PERFECT SKIN NOW with this vial of highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and other fundamental actives! Remove wrinkles, scars, acne scars, big pores, under eyes bags. First AMAZING results already after a couple of applications and extraordinary benefits for Beauty, Health and Personal Care. Follow DoktorDerma on twitter and FB and check out our amazing reviews from people like you all over the world! Voted allure magazine best anti-aging breakthrough. InStyle “BEST BEAUTY BUY” Winner 2014. Voted the Very Best Elle Magazine Beauty Essential.

The NO-TOX SHOTS (Topical application) are the only minimally invasive and fastest way to correct certain types of defects, such as depressed scars, blemishes, deep folds, furrows, deep wrinkles and other signs of aging.
For motion wrinkles (lines caused by facial movements), the application of No-ToxTM active agents before using the DoktorDerma RollerTM is the most effective and fastest technique. In fact, even where Botox has failed, it may still be a good adjunct to the No-ToxTM Micro-Needles System because simply injecting a filler does not eliminate the cause of a motion wrinkle.

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