Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery is the new, definitive resource in reproductive medicine. This unique text offers detailed discussion on both the medical and surgical management of reproductive disorders, as well as coverage of associated imaging modalities. Included are chapters on Reproductive Genetics, Management of Endometriosis (including interventional radiology), Ultrasonography and Sonohysterography, Preservation of Fertility, and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. A resource every practitioner interested in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility needs!Offers detailed discussion of medical and surgical management of reproductive disorders … No other text offers coverage of both medical and surgical management in one resource.Covers gynecologic disorders that impact fertility–an important aspect of identifying fertility issues, not included in major competitionSection on basic reproductive biology … Not overly detailed — Written for a clinician to understand how to practice reproductive medicineSection on reproductive imaging … Unique to this text – includes US and MRI of the reproductive organsAlgorithm in each chapter … 4-color throughout … Demonstrates the appropriate clinical investigation and management … Offers attractive layout and best views of surgical procedures

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