BrightTherapy BrightBlue Portable Acne Light – High Output Acne Treatment and Complexion Clearing Device

BrightTherapy model Sr11b BrightBlue, High Output portable Acne Light. 415nm Super Bright Blue LED Acne lamp pulsed at 10Htz.
The BrightBlue is a hand held Blue Light Therapy device that treats the underlying cause of Acne and revitalize your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the process. The BrightBlue uses 415nm Blue LED light to kill the acne causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and provide a general rejuvenating effete on the skin. Featuring CPO technology, BrightBlue always delivers High Power BLUE Light therapy while being small, light, and battery powered. Use at home or between professional treatments. When used consistently, it gives the appearance of an acne-free, luminous and flawless complexion.
The BrightBlue uses 415nm High Output Blue LEDs that are pulsed at 10Hz. No other hand held battery powered LED Acne Light offers this much power is such a small and convenient package.
BrightBlue CPO Technology: The BrightBlue BT-SR11B uses capacitors and resistors that keep the LED light output constant and very bright. We called this CPO (Constant Power Output) Technology. Instead of dimming when the batteries get low the BrightBlue will start blinking and then shut off. This means you need to replace the batteries. The devices will never dim or give off low powered ineffective light. This technology is essential to insure accurate treatment times and effective treatments. Features:
415nm Narrow Band, High Power, Acne Killing Blue LEDs PULSED Photo-Light at 10Htz Built in 10 Minute Timer CPO Tech – Continuous Power Output Anti-dimming light Cordless – Battery Powered Hands Free Stand Universal eye shield BrightBlue uses 3 AA batteries. Please use fresh, brand name, alkaline batteries as the BrightBlue uses high power LEDs. The Bright Blue is also compatible with rechargeable 1.2v batteries that are 2700mAh or higher. What's in the Box: BrightBlue Blue LED Acne Light, Hands Free Stand, Eye Shield,

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