basq Fully Loaded Diaper Bag Set

The perfect pregnancy gift for the expecting mother – a chic and stylish diaper bag filled with Basq’s full line of luxurious pregnancy skin care. This black micro fiber diaper bag combines durability with style. The inner pockets help store valuables, baby clothes and baby bottles. Outer poackets and changing pad make caring for baby easy. Bag includes: Resilient Body Oil, a natural blend that nourishes skin, helps prevent stretch marks and improves elasticity. The Rebalancing Face Cleanser is a celebrity favorite. Gentle micro exfoliators sweep plus Oak Root Extract and Ylang Ylang clarify, soothe and balance skin for a true pregnancy glow. Energizing Body will revive her from head to toe. This antioxidant rich lotion includes Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Eucalyptus and Lavender to help soothe swelling, relax tired muscles and energize achy legs and feet. The Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy is a soothing blend of Lavender with a hint of pear to help with rest and relaxation. Also wonderful when baby comes, mom can wear on her cuddle points as Lavender is known to soothe infants.

Price: $170.00

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