Acnefree Oil Free Acne Cleanser, 8 Ounce

Acnefree Oil Free Acne Cleanser

AcneFree Oil-Free Acne Cleanser, 8 ounce

Gentle face and body formula effectively cleanses skin and eliminates acne bacteria. Gentle microbeads exfoliate for softer, smoother skin. The dermatologist recommended acne medicine fights acne you have and helps prevent future breakouts.

Deep cleans to remove pore-clogging dirt and excess oil

Advanced Formula

Micro-sized Benzoyl Peroxide absorbs faster and deeper into pores to treat acne where it starts – without the harshness and over-drying that can occur with ordinary Benzoyl Peroxide.

Clinically Proven Acne Treatment

Only AcneFree clears skin 24 hours a day with patented continuous-relief Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide; reducing oil and eliminating the bacteria that cause acne. Clinical tests show that AcneFree reduces sebum – the oil that acne bacteria thrive on – and keeps pores clear of the impurities that lead to breakouts.

Product Details

Effectively cleanses skin with a medicated antibacterial cleanser that eliminates acne bacteria. Gentle micro-beads exfoliate for softer, smoother skin. Acne medicine remains in skin after rinsing to fight acne and clear skin 24/7.

How to Use
Apply a dime-size amount to damp skin and gently massage, avoiding the eye area Rinse Well If bothersome peeling occurs, reduce application use. May also be used on chest or back

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