Acne: Giving Up Roaccutane – Choosing Health: Healthy Skin Care Secrets Exposed

Say "NO" to Roaccutane – Read This Book and Maintain Your Health

Do you suffer from acne? Scars on the face? – It is defiantly not pleasant. Very unpleasant!
It's so unpleasant that you are seeking for a fast and drastic solution.

If you went to a dermatologist, you may have already been suggested to use Roaccutane (known as Accutane in the states) in order to eliminate your pimples.

Conventional medicine has brought with it the drug Roaccutane to treat acne wounds. Patients, who want get rid of pimples fast, may take this medicine without a second thought.

As an experienced licensed clinical esthetician and a Dermatology and Cosmetic Center owner, I consider it my duty to inform you all about the dangers associated with use of the drug Roaccutane. Not many patients are aware of the risks, and moreover, not many know the alternative methods to treat acne.

I want you to read about Roaccutane because …
Dysfunction in the liver, hair loss, dry skin and lips, emotional problems and depression, damage to muscles and joints, physical weakness and a tendency to sleepiness, damage to the digestive system, headaches and other dangerous side effects – All of these can happen to you if you use the drug Roaccutane!

Most people are not even aware of these risks and that's the reason why I wrote this book.

This book reveals the truth about Roaccutane / Accutane and the risks of using this medicine. In this Book you will find detailed explanations why the use of Roaccutane may be dangerous to your health and how you can treat acne in alternative ways that are not harmful to your health.

If your health is important to you – I highly recommend you to read this book and consider alternative treatments on the use of Roaccutane. If after reading the book you still want to use it, at least you'll know about the risks associated with its use.

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