UltraRadiance: SkinVacMD [SVX2013] Ultimate Package with Zen Vacuum and Comprehensive Skin Care Products

SkinVacMD by UltraRadianceTM is a professional grade microdermabrasion unit with the best price on the market. ProDeluxe is the new generation 750 watt powerful all natural microdermabrasion system

SkinVacMD is a truly professional grade microdermabrasion unit with the best value, durability, and price on the market. This complete package includes the All-in-one Microdermabrasion

This complete package comes with 2 “Forever” Diamond stainless steel tips, 1 non adjustable adapter for strong suction 1 adjustable adapter 2 ” Forever” stainless steel ergonomic wand, 2. reinforced Vinyl tubing, 6 cleansing pads, EZ steps microdermabrasion guide, and links for a Youtube video instructional guide. SkinVacMD is simple and easy to use- no crystals, no filters, and no monthly replacement tips. This is a device built to last and require little upkeep except simple cleaning with alcohol or professional grade sterilizing solutions.
See immediate results, smoother, fresher, and more vibrant looking skin. Use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home and on your own time whenever you want.
SkinVac was developed and tested by US physicians. It is Dermatologist tested and approved. Please see Vacubrasion.com for quick and easy how to videos.

Price: $599.99

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