The End of Acne: How Water is the Cause of the Modern Acne Epidemic, and the Cure

What do Eskimos, Katy Perry, your teenage neighbor, and FBI intelligence analysts have in common? They all have zits.

Acne isn't just a teenage problem anymore. According to a recent Harvard study, over 25 percent of American women between the ages of 30 to 40 have clinical acne.

Author Melissa Gardner used to be one of those women. She had a face full of zits throughout her time as a military intelligence officer, a Fulbright scholar to the United Kingdom, and as an analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After living in a variety of places within the U.S. and abroad, Melissa noticed her acne flared up in certain cities she lived in. This simple observation turned out to be the critical clue that helped unravel the whole case.

Research shows that acne is non-existent in select societies. For example, Eskimos did not experience acne until they moved into towns in the 1960s.

Paleo dieters argue the reason Eskimos suddenly developed acne was because of the increasing amounts of sugar they were consuming. In The End of Acne, you will learn exactly where their analysis goes off course.

The real cause of the modern acne epidemic is something much more insidious than sugar. But once you understand what a true anti-acne diet looks like, it will be the end of your acne. Forever.


"I'm speechless. It all makes sense now. Your face is my face. I can't believe I've never heard of this before." — Lauren from Plano, TX

"Your book saved my life. A million times thank you because you helped me avoid going crazy." — Irene from Houston, TX

"It totally made sense. I cried." — Amber from Bethlehem, PA

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