Sonic Face Cleaning Brush Rechargeable Vibration Skin Care Machine

1: Can I use the brush every day? Does that hurt my skin?

A: You can use it per day. It won’t hurt your skin, as the head of our brush does not rotate or spin. The inside brush head bristles oscillate 10 degrees in either direction working at 300 movements per second. Do remember the rotated brushes will hurt your skin.


2: How to use the brush? May I use my own facial cleanser?

A: Recommend to daub facial cleanser on the face first, and then begin with the face brush. It is recommended to use your own normal us facial cleanser.


3: Does the brush water-resistant?

A: Our face washing brush is made by ultrasonic air compressor technology, 100% waterproof, can be used in the bathroom. But we do not suggest put it soak in water for a long time.


4: How to clean the brush?

A: After each use the brush, remove the brush head, wash the brush head and body directly with water from the tap, then placed in ventilated place to make it dry.


5: It is charging or batteries, how to charge?

A: No battery, charging is made of inductive charging, safe and convenient.


6: Does one brush head be shared with a few people? How long should I change the brush head?

A: Suggest one people use one brush head separately, brush head better to be changed a new one every 3 months.


Colors: White, Pink

Price: $179.00

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