Skin Whitening Lightening Authentic St. Dalfour Excel Face & Body Whitening Set With Gluta Sunblock

The Benefits of St. Dalfour & Whitening Set With Gluta Sunblock:

Contains the most effective & popular Whitening Products from St Dalfour Kuwait.

St Dalfour (Gold Foil) Glutathione Beauty Whitening Soap
Authentic St. Dalfour Whitening Glutathione Lotion with SPF 15Sunblock
Authentic St. Dalfour Glutathione Whitening Sunblock SPF90
Authentic St. Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening EXCEL & Creamy Beauty Whitening Cream

– Newest Version of the Original Whitening Cream
– Creamier EXCEL Version – Better for Dry, Damaged or Sensitive skin
– Maximum Formula Imported from Kuwait
– Glutathione Body Whitening Lotion
– Helps lighten and soften skin
– Healthy & , no chemicals
– Buy direct we import direct from Kuwait
– Volumer – Fills Small Lines &

EXCEL has more Seaweed & Bearberry extract than non-Excel St Dalfour creams for faster skin brightening and whitening. St Dalfour skin whitening cream is considered one of the finest skin lightening and whitening on the . Use it for solving virtually all skin discoloration problems and is incredibly easy to use.

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