SILK VIRGIN Exfoliating Glove Mitt and Back Scrubber Set, ANTI-aging 100% RAW SILK Bath and Shower Exfoliators for Body, Face and Lips, Superior Natural Exfoliation and Skin Rejuvenation, Exfoliate Moisturize Firm all Skin Types

GO TOTALLY NATURAL, 100% RAW SILK Exfoliators – the best for your skin, the best for your health! Our Raw Silk Exfoliators are #1 exfoliators and skin rejuvenators for body, face and lips. They have been voted by Dermatologists as the best skin rejuvenating treatment available. Silk Virgin prevents aging of the skin and corrects the symptoms of aging. Use Silk Virgin regularly to and maintain the appearance of your skin and overall health. All Silk Virgin Exfoliators are of the same Raw Silk. The products come with for use, simple, you can find them Amazon too.
Silk Virgin Exfoliators are available separately, also available more Silk Virgin Value Sets. Do yourself a favor and try Silk Virgin, it doesn’t get any better than Raw Silk! Take advantage of our promotions right now, they won’t last long. Silk Virgin

Price: $98.00

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