Project E Beauty IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation System HKS801 House Hold Machine + Duplex E Collagen Protein Treatment Ion Gel 30ml X 1

IPL is a safe and effective treatment that uses flashes of light to rejuvenate your skin, reduce unwanted hair and remove red veins. At About Face, only senior skin therapists with extensive experience and in-depth IPL training are authorized to perform IPL treatments. Our specialist skin therapists and electrologists are more qualified to recognise changes in the skin and understand the hair growth cycle, than the specialist nurses who perform IPL hair removal at some outlets.



Big handle:15*50mm with 5filter

640-1200nm for hair removal

590-1200nm for red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins.

560-1200nm for Skin rejuvenation

430-1200nm for Acne

480-1200nm for age spots, sun spots, pigmentation troubles

750-1200nm for hair removal in Dark Skin

*Lamp longevity:60000shots


*Pulse Number:1-15adjust

*Pulse Width:1.0-20.0

*Pulse Delay:1-50

*Shot period:2-5second adjust

*Display:8.0 inch Touch display

*Voltage:110V or 220V


*Cooling system:Wind+water+semiconductor


*Pakcge size:65*55*42cm+50*37*14cm


*Free part:laser glasses,funnel

Price: $6,999.99

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