Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer w/ 5 Diopter Magnification Lamp

Multi-function – This machine combines a salon-quality facial steamer, with UV sterilization, along with an adjustable, magnified inspection lamp.  Lamp can be used as a light only, magnifier only, or as a lighted magnifier. Excellent steam production – Transforms distilled water into pore-opening, muscle-relaxing, heated steam / vapor.  Large, heavy-duty glass water reservoir (empty jar capacity is 27 ounces to upper fill line), and top-mounted water inlet makes this steamer easy to fill and use.  Sprays approximately 24 ounces of water per hour. Superb UV sterilization – Steamer-nozzle houses a premium, long-life (10,000 hour rated), 4-watt, ultraviolet bulb. The UV rays (commonly referred to as “ozone”) from this bulb sterilize the steam as it passes through the steamer arm. Two operating modes – Steam only and steam plus ozone. Vapor (steam) and ozone (UV) functions have separate on/off switches and bright lighted indicators. Built-in, 60 minute timer with auto shut off confirms precise treatment duration. Automatic circuitry turns off steamer if water level drops too low. Unit is fuse protected and 7.5′ power cords (one each for steamer and light) are grounded for safety. Superb illumination – Lamp head contains an efficient, 8″ diameter, 22-watt fluorescent bulb; keeps unwanted heat to a minimum while providing excellent light and clarity. Excellent magnification – High-clarity magnifying lens. Item Specifications – Brand: Online Salon Store. Water capacity: 27 ounces. Power: 750 watts. Includes: CE-certified steamer with USA standard, 3-prong, 120-volt, power-cords. Pre-installed germicidal UV bulb. Heavy-duty glass steamer reservoir. Weighted rolling base.

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