OC8 Professional Mattifying 8 Hour Gel 1.6 oz (3pack)

OC Eight, the number one preferred primer of professional make-up artists, is clinically proven to mattify skin and remarkably improve the appearance of facial foundations. OC Eight is a breakthrough skin care product with a one-of-a-kind technology that delivers even-toned, beautifully matte skin. OC Eight contains ACRYSORB – microparticles that are specially designed with copolymer technology – and work to permanently trap up to six times their own volume in oil. OC Eight traps facial oil mechanically, so it will not irritate even sensitive skin. The oil remains locked away, invisible to the eye, for up to eight hours a day. Dermatologist Trusted Traditional facial shine control products tend to dry out the skin or simply cover-up the shine. These are short-term solutions that do not provide reliable results. OC Eight is formulated with ACRYSORB® micro-particles that are designed to continuously absorb excess facial oil as quickly as it is produced. Make-up Artist Approved OC Eight gives make-up that ?just applied? look throughout the day. Make-up artists to the stars love OC Eight?s long lasting benefits to keep make-up looking fresh from the big screen to the small screen and even on the red carpet! Keep your make-up looking Hollywood flawless with OC Eight!

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