Noninvasive Methods for the Quantification of Skin Functions: An Update on Methodology and Clinical Applications

This book covers for the first time all the modern noninvasive techniques used to assess various functions of the skin in both normal and diseased states. In the first part, the basic so-called bioengineering methods are described such as quantification of the skin surface microrelief using image analysis, measurements of transepidermal water loss and skin blood flow, determination of skin thickness and elasticity, quantification of erythema by colorimetry, and analysis of sebum secretion. In the second part, numerous clinical applications are described and richlyillustrated such as dry skin, effects of aging, reactions to ultraviolet light, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and arterial occlusive diseases. The great value of these techniques becomes apparent in dermatopharmacology. The clinical response to therapeutics or prophylactic measures such as barrier creams can be objectively quantified – a long awaited goal of clinical and investigative dermatology.

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