NO-TOX JUMBO REFILL – 10ml NO-TOX JUMBO VIAL (Topical application)(Beware of imitations) All our products are especially formulated, prepared and bottled for you when your order is placed. FREE SHIPPING Get yours in a few days with TNT Express Int. Every 2 DoktorDerma products purchased get a FREE full size vial of our most exclusive quintessential Serum MAXIMUS AETERNUM SHOT. GET PERFECT SKIN NOW with this vial of highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and other fundamental actives! Remove wrinkles, scars, acne scars, big pores, under eyes bags. First AMAZING results already after a couple of applications and extraordinary benefits for Beauty, Health and Personal Care. Follow DoktorDerma on twitter and FB and check out our amazing reviews from people like you all over the world! Voted allure magazine best anti-aging breakthrough. InStyle “BEST BEAUTY BUY” Winner 2014. Voted the Very Best Elle Magazine Beauty Essential.

Why is DOKTORDERMA NO-TOX Titanium Micro-Needle ROLLER SYSTEM (sold separately) REVOLUTIONARY? The Micro-Needles System is the ONLY Non-Injectable, Non-Invasive technology on the market to allow up to 98% of the restorative active ingredients to reach the targeted skin-cells.
With its 540 needles, the DoktorDerma Roller creates thousands of tiny punctures to the skin which induces the release of growth factors that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. If when using the DoktorDerma Roller the skin is rolled six times (back and forth in three directions), there are over three thousand needle entries. Overtime, this will act to massively increase the thickness, firmness and general health condition of the skin in these areas.
In addition to stimulating collagen growth, the 540 Titanium Micro-Needles essentially create mini pinholes serving as conduits thru which No-Tox active ingredients can be absorbed and deposited directly onto the targeted cells, repairing them instantly just like an injection would.
Unlike BOTOX, and other Injectables temporary effects, the DOKTORDERMA NO-TOX – Micro-Needles ROLLER SYSTEM (sold separately) results are LONG-TERM.
Did you know that ONLY 0.3% of Topical skin serums and creams active ingredients actually reach skin cells?
Scientific studies have shown only 0.3% of the active ingredients in traditional cosmetics penetrate skin. With the NO-TOX + DoktorDerma Roller Micro-Needles system 98% of active ingredients effectively reach the damaged cells, regenerating them, and transforming them instantly into younger, firmer, thicker skin tissue, while effictively diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, blemishes and imperfections.

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