Natural Antibiotics Box Set: 35 Incredibly Useful Natural Antibiotics For Averting the Most Frequent Diseases, Inflammatory Process and Acne. Improve Your … alternative medicine, home remedies)

BOOK #1: Natural Antibiotics: The 10 Most Helpful Natural Remedies to Protect and Cure You from Illness

Do you often worry about the pills you're ingesting on a daily basis that has been given to you by your primary care provider?

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:The difference between bacterial and viral infections.Why you shouldn’t use antibiotics for minor illnessesHow to use natural antibiotics.The top ten antibiotics use today to prevent and cure infections, both bacterial and viral!

BOOK #2: Herbal Antibiotics: Top 25 Herbal Antibiotics That Can Destroy Superbugs and Improve Your Health

Modern medicine has always prided itself on inventing and administering new lifesaving treatments and medications, and on being able to cure severe illnesses and diseases. And since the 1940's – when antibiotics and other medicines began to be mass produced – “folk” remedies have been shunned in favor of laboratory controlled, measured amounts of synthetic medications. But in the last ten years, certain types of bacteria have become increasingly immune to conventional antibiotics, and people around the globe are waking up to the fact that in the very near future natural plant-based remedies may be our only hope for saving mankind from many diseases – and untimely death. From ancient history until today, people have used the plants growing in their native areas to heal and prevent illnesses. And yet, despite the thousands of books on the market teaching people the importance of healthy diets and regular exercise as a means of warding off health problems, once people get sick, most of them still choose conventional medicine over natural methods of healing – either out of habit or because they simply don’t know of any other way to treat themselves. A growing number of scientific research studies are finding that many common plants have antibiotic properties that have proven to be stronger than any artificially manufactured cure.

This book will give you basic knowledge and confidence about using herbal antibiotics to maintain health and prevent illness, and includes information about:the difference between good and bad bacteriathe difference between common viruses and superbugsthe ways antibiotics are used and overused to treat serious illness25 effective antibiotic herbs and how to benefit from themHow to avoid unwanted side effects while using antibiotic herbs

BOOK #3: Natural Antibiotics: Natural Herbal Panacea to Avert and Alleviate the Most Frequent Deseases, Inflamatory Process and Acne

We hear a lot about antibiotics and their overuse in the media these days but what many people don't know is there are a host of natural solutions that have the same effects. Many common synthetic antibiotics cause awful side effects, and they don't always work. In fact recently it was discovered that an old home remedy was more effective against MRSA than modern antibiotics. Modern antibiotics have their place but it isn't in an healthy body.

Many of the natural medicine that has been used for centuries has been lost to us but there are still some commonly used herbs and treatments that people will swear by rather than modern medicine. We'll compare both for you so you can decide for yourself.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:What are antibiotics?What are naturally found antibiotics?Natural Vs SyntheticAntibiotic Recipes and how to use them

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