Microneedling serum pack contains- Organic Anti Aging serum 25ml. Organic Scar Serum 25ml, Organic Cellulite & Stretch Mark serum 25ml- For safe microneedling with enhanced, pure results

The formulations that make our organic microneedlng serums so successful and so sought after, is made of entirely natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, no additives and certainly no synthetic ingredients of which names you can’t pronounce! Each key ingredient in our serum range has been hand selected for specific properties and is Vegan Society Approved.**Green tea oil (less known as Camellia oil) is the main ingredient found in our organic serums; identified centuries ago (dating back to ancient China) for its healing properties. More recently, studies have proven the power of this plant oil at rejuvenating cells, scientifically. Take a recent German trial for example, that concluded Green Tea extract as being times more effective at treating wrinkles than using laser/light therapy alone which is known to damage the skin. Scientific tests have also shown green tea oil to prevent the degradation of both Collagen and Elastin. A natural anti-redness, effective, non-oily moisturiser, UV protector and rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants, the benefits of Green tea oil are numerous.**We urge you to be wary of other creams or serums which advertise Vitamin A as a benefit. Using a micro needling roller absorption levels. Tests have shown synthetic vitamin A as potentially toxic when absorbed internally by the liver.

Each serum has been desgned by the directors of white lotus who are experts in holistic microneedling. not only do they enhance microneedling treatments but they prvent the dryness, redness and photosensitivity associated with needling, they are designed for safe use- whereas most products are highly unsuitable for the transdermal absorption into the bloodstream that microneedling creates. Do yourself a favour and use products designed for microneedling that are safe for your health and have been tested on peoplke safely for hudreds of years- but actually work!

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