Ion Charged Minerals Terrasilk Ion Charged Minerals Jar, 4 Pounds

Your skin will be noticeably different and softer after one treatment of TerraSilk. Remove dull, dead skin cells to reveal a younger more vibrant you! The healing power of minerals has been known for thousands of years. Turn your home into an exclusive spa and see the difference after one treatment. The exfoliating action will remove old cells, and reveal new fresh plump cells for a vibrant glow. Great for looking your best each day or for that special date night. People travel thousands of miles to seek out mineral baths for their beauty secrets and pay hundreds of dollars for treatments. TerraSilk brings spa quality ingredients to your home so you can receive the full benefits that come with regular treatments at a fraction of the cost. One of the few pristine mineral sources in the world, and millions of years in the making, the forces of nature have broken down these minerals to the smallest micron size allowing for effortless skin absorption. Minerals detoxify your skin by binding to and hauling away toxins stored there, but exfoliate and clean pores while disinfecting and healing. TerraSilk offers the perfect healthy skin recipe of 57 ionic minerals in nature’s most perfect form. Their strong negative (-) ionic charge instantly bonds with potentially harmful positively (+) charged molecules and organisms that can infect, destroy, and cause disease. We cannot escape environmental pollution and toxins in air, water, and food. Heavy metals, radiation, free radicals, and poisons are toxic and mutate our normal cells to cause cancer and other diseases. Use with any age or skin type on abrasions, cuts, burns, insect bites, acne, cysts, boils, ulcers, or anything itchy such as rash/hives, insect bites, psoriasis, eczema, or shingles. For best results use on a regular basis. Visit website for more information. Try starting with a terrabathe and then give yourself a terraSilk full body mask. Use terramin supplements.

Price: $109.95

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