Huhushop(TM) Beauty LED Light Therapy Face Mask Skin Photon Rejuvenation Acne Remover- Anti-acne Anti-aging 2 in 1

Red light:Whitening
Wrinkle Remover
Smooth skin
Stimulate micro-circulation

Blue light:Scars Acne Pits and Brightening skin

Use Method:
1. Clean and dry face first.
2. Luminescence masque fixed on the face, and adjust the rear fixed tension band, please note that the luminous button membrane ear clip on the ear, so as not to slip.
3. Luminous masque connector with the mobile power socket is connected, turn on the power switch, light 20 minutes a time, every 2 hours before using, please close your eyes.
4, After use, take LED masque, gently massage the face for one minute .
5,When used in conjunction with other beauty care products, please first install light film well before using, in order to avoid pollution of luminescent masque.
6,Specific effects according to the individual skin condition, suggested Irradiation at least once a day, it is important to maintain persistence, 20-30 days of continuous use, to achieve the desired results.

Maintenance Method:
1 .After using the luminescent film, please clean it with dry towel, do not press it heavily. Please do not put luminescent film and power into the water , all optical film after use, wash with water, dry it.
2.Do not use solvent (cleaning oil, orange peel oil, etc.) scrubbing power supply box, luminescent film and optical film.
3.After use, please put the power box to a cool and dry place indoor , avoid direct sunlight.
4.Do not disassemble, destroy, perforated in the luminous membrane and the power.

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