How to Control PCOS in 12 Weeks: What You MUST Do to Deal with Infertility, Hair Growth, Acne, and Weight

Looking for a more effective strategy to reduce the effects of PCOS?
If so, this ebook will help you. You've probably been aware of your PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) for some time. If so, you've noticed that a piecemeal, haphazard approach doesn't work well. You may have discovered that you still can't become pregnant, lose weight, stop the facial hair, control your appetite, reduce scalp hair loss, suppress acne, relieve depression and restore your self-esteem. What could be the problem?

The reason is that PCOS is a very complex systemic disorder, not just an ovarian problem. PCOS is like an iceberg. Only 20% of the disorder is visible as symptoms. 80% of it is beneath the surface. You're not aware of it. But it's there. For example, medical research has shown that up to one of every two women with PCOS has liver disease. If you're one of those with liver disease, your PCOS won't go away until you restore health to your liver. And this is only one example of many.

Therefore, a more comprehensive, in-depth approach is required.

This ebook describes a science-based strategy that you can implement in 12 weeks, if you focus and are diligent. By fully implementing this strategy, you should notice an improvement in some of your PCOS symptoms within 12 weeks. Maybe your waist will get smaller or maybe you'll get a period or your chin hairs will be thinner. Or your mood will brighten. Whatever it is, something will shift inside you.

Within 12 weeks, you can assert a degree of control over your symptoms. The longer you continue the 12 strategies, the greater your degree of control. By continuing the 12 strategies over the coming years, you should expect to see your symptoms substantially diminish. You also greatly reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer.

If you don’t complete all of the recommendations in 12 weeks, don't worry. Just persist at your own pace until they are all completed.

The truth is, there is no "quick fix" for PCOS. There is only gradual progress. Your first 12 weeks will lay the foundation for accelerating that progress and thus gaining control over PCOS.

Here's what we'll cover in this ebook:

Week 1: Understand Your Enemy: PCOS
Week 2: Don't Be a Junk-Food Junkie
Week 3: Good Carbs – Bad Carbs. What's the Difference?
Week 4: Exercise + Physical Activity = Less PCOS
Week 5: Fats – You Gotta Love 'Em – But Are They Good for You?
Week 6: Veggies – Your Very Best Friend
Week 7: Secret Way to Eat More and Get Away with It
Week 8: Stress – How It Affects PCOS
Week 9: Bugs Hiding in Your Gut – Hidden Cause of PCOS?
Week 10: What's Invisible but Makes PCOS Worse?
Week 11: No Woman's an Island – Where to Get Support
Week 12: Is Your Doctor Letting Your Down?
About the Author: I'm a health writer who specializes in PCOS:

Co-author of "The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility, an ebook that comprehensively describes the diet and other lifestyle choices available to women with PCOS. The information in the ebook is based in part on my considerable research of medical studies on the topic of polycystic ovary syndrome.
Author of two special reports: "PCOS Research Highlights for 2012: New Medical Research Helps You Solve the PCOS Puzzle", and "PCOS Research Highlights for 2011: New Research Shows Light at the End of the PCOS Tunnel".
Publisher of "PCOS Health News", a twice-monthly newsletter offering new solutions, ideas and research for dealing with PCOS.
I'm also author of "Natural Solutions for Female Hair Loss: How to Naturally Regain Control over Your Hair Loss" ebook.

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