Effaclar k + Effaclar AI + Effaclar Gel + Effaclar M mattifying moisturizer Acne Treatment Pack

Effaclar K provides deep exfoliation and is gentle enough for everyday use. The innovative formula progressively refines skin texture, revealing healthy, glowing skin. Formulated with naturally soothing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. Effaclar K helps soothe the skin.
Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid 1.5%, LHA
Benefits: LHA + salicylic acid 1.5% is more effective than salicylic acid alone. 2x more effective vs. AHA/salicylic acid product. 2x better tolerated vs. AHA product. Reduces blackheads, controls breakouts, improves skin texture.
Size:30ml (1 oz.)

Effaclar AI
Indications: Local breakouts occurring in oily skin with blemishes. Properties: Intensive local skincare to accelerate the resorption of blemishes and help prevent residual marks.
Results: It minimizes or eliminates blemishes, promoting an even complexion.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, Niacinamid, Octopirox-Glicacil,LHA.
SIZE: 15 ML. O,5 Fl Oz.

Effaclar Gel cleanses the skin gently while purifying the epidermis and promoting the elimination of excess sebum. Clean and purified of impurities, the skin regains its physiological equilibrium. It is an ideal complement to dermatological treatments. Non comedogenic.
Soap-free. Smooth cleansing base,Glicacil â+ Zinc Pidolato.
SIZE: 150 ml. 5.1 Fl. oz.

Effaclar M sebo-regulating mattifying moisturizer:
Slows down the production of sebum day after day, with the exclusive combination of:
– Ciblage SébumTM technology to target and deep-cleanse pores clogged with sebum.
– Sebum-regulating Vitamin CG and Zinc to counteract shine at source.
– Antioxidant Vitamin E to inhibit the sebum-stimulating effects of external irritants.
The skin immediately looks matte and velvety, thanks to a texture containing both absorbent microspheres and smoothing fibers.
This oil-free, fluid, ultra-fresh emulsion instantly melts on the skin and moisturizes thoroughly without increasing oiliness.
Size: 40 ml.

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