Dr. Lumen Red Light & Infrared LED Eye Mask, Led Photon Therapy, Tightening Our Skin Restraining Acne Eliminating Wrinkles (Red Light)


1)Easy use: Easy as normal daily use mask. You could also combine any other beauty products at one time.
2)Saving money & time: Protect your skin any time, no additional cost, no downtime, no appointment, no limits.
3)No risk: Separate battery and mask, avoid risks of electricity. Excellent for all skin types, color and skin conditions won`t cause pain or side effects.

Short-term visible changes: 1-2 months

1)Helps reduce inflammation;
2)Restores skin`s natural cellular collagen activity;
3)Skin texture is smoother, fuller and plump, Reduces skin degradation;
4)Stimulates and activates metabolic function in skin cells reduces melanin production, which causes brown age spots and hyper-pigmentation improvement in skin tone, texture and radiance.

Long-term improvement: Anti-aging

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles overall lifting, firming, hydrating and plumping effect progressive anti-aging treatment rather than aggressive improves the appearance of aging.

About Dr. Lumen

Dr. Lumen fuses technology with beauty care bringing you revolutionary beauty care products that are non-invasive yet effective. Our revolutionary LED facial mask and eye mask series help heals and rejuvenate your skin.

Medical experiments have proved that effect of beauty could be achieved by making use of a specific wavelength of light effect issued by LED(light emitting diode) and that with a long term usage, the effect of beauty could be even similar to effect of beauty laser treatment but without any side effect. Moreover, this series can be used with disposable facial masks or other beauty products, which is of great help for the skin to absorb the disposable beauty products more quickly and effectively.

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