Cystic Acne: Popping the Bubble

How to Kill an Acne Cyst in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Eat nothing but non-starchy vegetables and 2 servings of root vegetables (potato, sweet potato or winter squash) every day for 2 – 3 days.

Step 2: Get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, and preferably a good dose of sunlight as well

Step 3. Apply high heat to the cyst for several minutes every few hours.

Acne nodules need inflammatory promoters in order to grow and develop. In highly sensitive individuals, high energy density foods, inactivity and lack of sunlight all promote inflammation. If the nodule is denied any pro-inflammatory influence it will shrink and disappear, usually without you having to even pop it.

As for the heating aspect, sub-dermal heating has been scientifically proven to control cystic acne. The easiest and most effective way to do this at home it so turn your water heater to a high but safe (non-burning) max temperature and run water over your cyst for 5 minutes several times a day. This will heat the sub-dermal layer where the bacteria reside and the nodule with shrink fast, or – if you catch it before it matures – it will simply never develop.

"So if that's the answer, what's the book for?", you may be asking. Well, as the discerning reader will note, my nodule killer treatment diet plan is not sustainable as it doesn't contain any significant sources of protein or lipids. So the book lays out a comprehensive guide to figuring out exactly which high energy density foods you have a sensitivity to and forming your own individualized balanced nutritional diet. Further, strategies for maintaining your diet and lifestyle are included as well as strategies for and details about sustainable lifestyle changes around exercise and sunlight exposure. I also explain exactly how I got to where I am and the specifics about everything I have done.

Book Description:
A short, pragmatic and straightforward guide to cystic acne. With clarity and precision, I break down the cure for this bothersome, yet all too persistent condition. My recommendations and guidelines are based both on referenced scientific studies and my own personal experience.

My philosophy has been informed by a new developing understanding of evolutionary biology and ancient nutritional practices. Specifically, how natural selection shaped modern humans to develop the ability to eat and digest a wide variety of novel foods, but not without negative ramifications – particularly for individuals with genetic and environmental vulnerabilities.

One response to this vulnerability is acne, and more rarely and more concerning still, cystic acne. The best cure is not the use of powerful pharmaceuticals with correspondingly powerful side effects, but to turn back the clock to a more natural, vital and sustainable way of being.

-Clear skin without medication or supplementation
-Improved general health and well-being
-Empowerment over your body and skin

-Novel and simple new method for treatment of cystic acne breakouts
-Multifactoral long term prevention model
-Detailed dietary plan with simple easy-to-make recipes
-Resources for further reading

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