Cure Your Acne: The Best Herbal, Nutritional and Medical Treatments Available for Acne today.

This comprehensive book provides the best, most up to date treatments for acne available today.

You will find the best advice available so that you have the confidence to effectively treat your acne. We have combined the most up to date and scientifically proven treatments from naturopathic, herbal medicine and medical sources.

You will find in this book descriptions from a doctor, a herbalist and a naturopath about how they treat patients with acne. Their advice is based on many years of clinical experience, and is supported by numerous scientific studies looking at various aspects of acne – its causes and effective treatments.

We discuss creams and tablets, vitamins and herbs, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle factors, acne in women, facial peels, dermabrasion, laser treatments, microneedling, and acne scar management- we give you a detailed description of all the treatments available, how they work, and what would be best for you.

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