Clear For Life: Science-Based Natural Acne Treatment Program

Hollywood-Grade Acne Treatment Secrets for The Rest Of Us
Have you ever wondered why movie stars and famous people have such fantastic skin? Good genes and make up help, but ultimately it comes down to access to high quality and reliable information. They can pay top dollars to consult dermatologists who are up to date with the cutting edge research.
Science blogger Seppo Puusa spills the beans on these closely guarded secrets from top of the profession dermatologists. So now, even 'the rest of us' can have Hollywood-grade results.
Clear for Life helps you to: Completely eradicate or drastically reduce acne using simple, science-based natural treatments Achieve long-lasting results by addressing all the aspects of acne. So that acne goes away – and stays away
For many people acne remains a mystery that comes and goes without making any sense. As a result, they use ineffective methods that often cause significant side-effects. Clear for Life lays out a science-based and logical explanation for acne, so that it finally starts to make sense.
You'll learn: Why acne is so difficult to cure, and why treating it is so much more than just picking the right tube off the drug store shelves (p. 15) What science really says about the acne-diet connection, and how to stop worrying about every single bite you eat (p. 129) How to replace over-priced skin care products with affordable alternatives that work just as well-or better (p. 241) The few supplements worth taking and why the rest are just a waste of money – this one alone helps you to save the price of this book many times over (p. 185) Why even the healthiest foods can cause acne (p. 60) Why your current approach to acne is almost guaranteed to keep you stuck – and a simple 1-minute mental trick for putting you on the fast track to clear skin (p. 10) Why common acne treatments may actually make your acne worse (p. 215)
If you are tired of the all too common hit-and-miss approach to trying to get over your acne, isn't it time to put science to work in your favor? Clear for Life shows that long-term relief is possible and turns decades of scientific research into an effective natural treatment program that everyone can understand and follow easily.

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