BrightTherapy Trois Light Therapy & Microcurrent Beauty System. MicroCurrent & Light Therapy System Red Blue LED Light for Acne Wrinkles and Anti-aging. 3 systems in 1! 3 interchangeable treatment heads

Hello Light! Good-Bye Skin Problems

The 3- in-1 Bright Therapy Trois Photo Ion Beauty System is an innovative system for addressing acne, wrinkles and sagging skin, with more visible results than you would experience using skin creams and salon treatments. This high-tech tool is safe and doesn’t harm the skin with chemicals or invasive procedures!

Bright Therapy Trois Photo Ion’s Beauty System brings day spa pampering and skin doctor technology into your home .

Using the Bright Therapy Trois Photo Ion System, you can utilize one or all three of our interchangeable heads to focus on treating any or all of the following skincare flaws: sagging, cellulite, wrinkles, facial lines, blotches, blemishes or acne.

Snap on the red light for a soothing and relaxing therapeutic photo light session to increase circulation, stimulate collagen and elastic production and trigger the photo-bio modulation process that stimulates healthy, new skin tissue growth. Just 10 minutes a day is all it takes to reduce fine lines, minimize pore size appearance and even out your skin tone without harmful chemicals, toxins, burning, or damage to your skin.

If acne or blemishes are plaguing your skin, the blue light head will kill bacteria and reduce inflammation to reduce acne lesions without dangerous side effects, downtime, or potential allergic reactions. The red and blue light heads can also be alternated on different days to significantly improve the overall health and vitality of your skin.

Of course, you don’t have to give up your treatment creams.The Trois Photo Ion Beauty System’s – and + Ion treatment head enhances the penetration of the active ingredients in your skincare products to maximize results from your beauty treatment creams and serums.

Nurture positive changes in your skin’s appearance with the safe and effective Trois Photo Ion Beauty System.

Price: $299.99

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