AviLady Epil- X Epilator Facial Hair Remover Stick Threading Spring Epicare Face Removal Epistick Tool Threader Original Beauty

This is the epilator that removes hair in a single pass. Seventy-two tweezers–the most of any epilator–remove up to twice as much hair as lesser models, reducing time spent epilating and mitigating discomfort. The epilator lifts flattened or short hair (down to 0.4 mm) so the tweezers remove them at the root, preventing ingrown hairs and leaving skin smooth for up to six weeks. Dual, counter-rotating heads gently hold the skin taut and glide easily across the skin, minimizing irritation. The two-speed epilator's streamlined, 1 1/2"-deep design enables use along bikini lines and underarms, and its gentle operation is ideal for use on the upper lip and chin. Includes a cleaning brush and storage pouch.

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