ACNE: What your Dermatologist forgot to tell you.

Did you know that changing your toothpaste can reduce the severity of acne? That leaving the shaving gel on for a few minutes before shaving reduces the chances of shaving bumps? Or that shaving in two directions can break the hairs and cause a spot?
This unique book provides well kept Dermatologists acne treatment insider advice. Dr Harth, Board Certified Dermatologists, Member of the American Academy of Dermatology and former research fellow at the Presbyterian College of Physicians in New York does four things really well in this book.

Dr Harth explains in detail what Acne is and why you get it. Second, it dispels some of the common myths about acne. Third, it outlines the common treatments available, whether they’re home remedies, OTC anti Acne medicines, or require medical assistance. Fourth, and perhaps most important, it gives you a useful list of simple do’s and don’ts for people that have Acne. This breakthrough book together with the accompanying MDacne iOS application will lead you and guide you through a 100 days plan to clear and healthier looking skin.

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