Acne RX

"ACNE RX" the newest book by the definitive expert on acne, Dr. James E Fulton MD Ph.D.. Dr. Fulton is the co-developer of Retin A ® and developer of Benzoyl Peroxide for the treatment of acne.
"ACNE RX" Finally, an effective treatment for clearing acne that works. Dr.Fulton's research has resulted in a treatment, which is so simple, so effective that no one ever again need accept and live with acne or endure the physical and emotional scars it leaves.
Once you understand what acne is you'll be taught other factors that will influence the treatment schedule most suitable to your acne condition.
You'll also learn the startling effect the seasons, sunlight, geography and the calendar have on acne; how stress and hormones can aggravate acne; what can be done about removing the physical scars acne causes and also how to deal with the psychological scars.
James E Fulton, Jr.M.D. Ph.D. is the co developer of Retin A® and the developer of Benzoyl Peroxide. Dr. Fulton continually pioneers new developments in skin care and has been an impiration in bringing new methods and standards to physicians worldwide.

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