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"Unbelievable. For YEARS I have tried to get rid of my acne – going through countless hours of treatments, procedures, fancy diets with only sub-par results. I wish I had picked up this book sooner Danielle, but hey, I can't complain with the results I'm getting. I look in the mirror every morning now, and feel absolutely terrific! My scars are fading, breakouts are close to non-existent, and my confidence is sky high. The way you broke down my acne problem in this book, and then proceeded to give me such simple, cheap and pragmatic solutions while holding my hand throughout the entire process really helped me out tremendously. I can't thank you enough." – Allison R.

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Forget Everything You Know About Curing Acne
If you are suffering from acne, and have tried countless types of treatments, solutions, diets etc and have found absolutely dismal results, then simply forget everything you know about curing acne. With so much new information, research studies, and 'fluff' out there about curing acne, its simply impossible to navigate the jungle of information out there and find out precisely what works – and more importantly, what works, FOR YOU.

No More Acne Frustrations For Good – Take It From Me, Having Gone Through YEARS Of Battling Acne
Like you, I was once plagued with a horrible case of acne. Trying out everything (from tooth paste, to ice, to steam, you name it) and found close to zero results. I figured there must be something wrong with me, but then I realized that I wasn't the problem, but the solutions that were presented to me simply weren't effective! After years of testing countless tips, hacks, ointments, diet plans, I have figured out what it takes to completely eradicate any pimple breakouts or acne for good. Imagine waking up, Absolutely loving what you see in the mirror every morning, Having sky-high confidence because now you KNOW you look good, and as a result you feel good as well. How would that translate to all the other areas of your life?

Everything You Need To Know – Nothing More Nothing Less
From specific diet tips, lifestyle practises and recommended ointments/acne cream, I have taken the responsibility to compile whatever I know into one definitive piece to cure your acne, for good. No fluff and no theories. This book breaks down PRECISELY what works, and what doesn't – proven by science, and proven by experience. What's more – I have personally tested my methods, tips, and hacks with clients who have suffered with acne for years, and before they knew it, they too were seeing results they never thought possible! This 1 on 1 consulting opened many new doors for me, helping me learn how to customize a specific acne curing plan for every individuals needs – Not only will I give you what works in curing your acne, but I'll give you what works for curing acne specifically FOR YOU.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn
The #1 Reason Your Acne Develops (That You Probably Didn't Know About) (insert bullet point)The Specific Step-By-Step Guide To Dealing With Your Acne Once And For AllThe Subtle Myths About Acne (That's Preventing You From Dealing With It)The Different Types Of Acne Pimples (And How To Deal With Each One Of Them)Specific 'Acne Hacks' To Help Speed Up Your Acne Curing ProcessA Scientifically-Backed Food List – Made Specially To Cure Your AcneOther Guides, Tips And Tricks To Help You Rid Of Your Acne For GoodMuch, much more!

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