Acne Cure: The Revolutionary Nonprescription Treatment Plan That Cures Even the Most Severe Acne and Shows Dramatic Results in as Little as 14 Hours

Offers a comprehensive, safe, rapid, & successful method of eliminating acne w/o presc. drugs, w/o side effects, w/o shifts in lifestyle or eating habits, & at little cost. Whether you re a girl or boy, young or old, White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian, this program is for you. You will learn: the simple, step-by-step program to eradicate even the most difficult acne; the real story of acne: what it is, how it spreads, & what is just a myth; the scientific proof behind this program; which vit. & antiox. help your skin; what really works to eliminate razor bumps in men; how stress affects acne & what to do about it; the best ways to deal with the tough acne problems; & how to eliminate acne scars. In no more than 6 weeks your skin will be healthy, vibrant, & acne-free.

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